Locations in Angier and Farmville, North Carolina

Model DCAV Double Conditioned Air Vestibule

The Model DCAV uses two recirculatory air curtains, creating an air vestibule between the two air streams where the air is captured and treated to a non-frost, non-fog state.

The Model DCAV automatically adjusts as conditions change to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.

With the use of HCR sensors and software, Model DCAV can be integrated into a facility’s refrigeration control and monitoring system.  This allows not only remote monitoring but remote adjusting of the HCR equipment.

  • No frost, fog or icing
  • Eliminates safety hazards
  • No haze within cold room
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • No frost on stored products
  • Reduced refrigeration loss
  • Reduced coil defrosting burden
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Improved refrigeration cycle efficiency
  • Sublimates existing frost build-up
Options & Accessories
  1. Metal cladding can be stainless steel or cold-rolled steel powder coated to custom color.
  2. ‘Clean outs’ can be added where needed.
  3. Complete NEMA 3, 4, 4x, 4x stainless, or 12 requirements.
  4. Hot Gas Coil instead of resistive heat.
  5. Custom standoff panels with trim to interconnect to night doors or existing doors.
  6. HCR Air Door to be used in conjunction with existing or new door to form a Hybrid solution. These doors can include all types of insulated roll up doors, double curtain roll up doors, hard insulated automatic doors that slide either horizontally or vertically, or insulated sliding mattress doors.


Double Conditioned Air Curtain Vestibule, Freezer To Cooler Specifications:

Supply where indicated on plans HCR Model DCAV Air Vestibule for doorways between Freezers and Coolers.

Air Door to be powder coated cold-rolled steel. Powder coating meets 500 hour salt spray test.

NEMA 1 Power/control panel complete. Model DCAV equipment cabinet houses the centrifugal fan and prewired electrical components. Service door(s) are provided, if required, to allow access to all internal.

components. Motor is controlled by VFD (Variable Frequency Drive). Single point electrical powder connection in most cases.

Model DCAV to have four side plenums: two with discharge nozzle, the other two with an intake.

Discharge nozzle is easily adjustable to maximize air block. Air volume adjustment mechanisms are easily accessible without removing any covers or secondary openings.

Unit can be mounted on either side of wall. Depending on temperature differential insulation cladding may be required.

Air Door assembly is structurally self-supporting. All hardware has protective coating against corrosion.

Air Door power to be 208, 240, or 480 volt AC, 60 Hertz, 3 phase. Visible signal light to show when motor is not running. Complete door assembly to be ready for connection to power. (Architect to designate responsibility for field wiring.)

Freezer Door Specifications:

Supply where indicated on plans HCR Model DCAV for freezer doorways with temperature differentials greater than 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Provide insulation cladding as may be required for the specific application.

Air Doors forming Model DCAV can be mounted either on the warm side, cold side of the wall or split.

Electric resistive heat or waste heat reclaim as required.

Model ECAV Frost-Free Airlok-Door

The Model ECAV consists of two fast-acting strip doors that create a vestibule for conditioning air and an electrically or hot-gas heated anti-frost air-conditioning (AFC) section with automatic temperature control.The ECAV is designed for medium to light-traffic freezers and high humidity situations.

External Flexible Folding Doors T-Series

To provide effective protection from the environment, our high-speed external flexible doors use Trekking folding technology to provide greater wind resistance, up to 88 mph, along with better insulation.

The Trekking technology for Nergeco Entrematic automatic folding flexible doors provide greater wind resistance by increasing the number of stiffeners distributed from top to bottom of the opening. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide better weatherproofing. They distribute pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly thus providing reliable and continuous operation, even when subjected to a high wind load, without jamming or flapping and without any unnecessary and hazardous weight at the bottom. The closure edge is flexible and deformable both vertically and horizontally. With no rigid feeler bar or system to restrain the curtain in the slides, it can distort without knocking the vehicle on contact. Directly responsive over a height of 15 in, it registers the distortion and retracts above the obstacle. This patented property allows it to open just in time to provide access, and to close again immediately after at the same speed, thus reducing the exposure time of your building and energy costs due to air exchanges by up to 32%! (Study by the CETIAT laboratory).

Lastly, because the curtain does not roll up on itself, it can accommodate flexible wall insulators of any thickness suited to different insulation requirements, for example to stand up to cold or contain heat (in an oven for example), or to reduce acoustic transmission (in the case of high noise levels for example).

The frame of Nergeco Entrematic high-speed external flexible doors is independent of the building. Produced in steel for the widest spans (up to 2.150 sq ft), they can be made, for dimensions up to 20×20 ft, in new materials, more corrosion-resistant than stainless steel and thermal break by virtue of their nature. Depending on the options chosen, the direct motor drive is either built into the transom or protected under a cover, with a smaller number of moving parts for easier maintenance and longer service life. Numerous options are available to adapt these flexible doors to your requirements regarding transparency, thickness and density of the curtain, non-powered opening and transom shapes to provide access to the motor drive from the front, top or bottom. For greater productivity and uninterrupted service from the high-speed door, even in the event of an incident, its slides are of sufficient size to allow it to operate continuously even if its stiffeners are accidentally distorted.

Interior High-Speed Flexible Doors

Adapted to each process, flexible roll-up doors accelerate flows while safely reducing opening times and maintenance costs.

For your internal processes, Nergeco Entrematic innovates again with the flexible, light and multi-directional contact detection of its Intelligent Curtain which provides you with maximum safety and minimum maintenance costs, while at the same time being fully suited to its working environment. The experience gained allowing to it offer each customer the best insulation/access solution adapted each time to their special requirements led Nergeco in 1993 to bring together characteristics common to each of the main areas of industry, logistics and commerce, in its wide range of high-speed flexible doors. Often copied, these adaptations are not simple cosmetic arrangements but in-depth developments to best meet users’ requirements. For example, the frames and mechanisms of flexible doors designed for the food processing industries have, since 2000, used new multi-composite materials to replace stainless steel. Designed to withstand the most severe stresses of this industry, the formulation and design of the subassemblies using these materials significantly increases fatigue strength, resistance to galling, denting and corrosion in comparison with welded stainless steel solutions. Furthermore, as a result of their method of manufacture, they are smooth and self-coloured, with none of the assembly defects or crevices associated with welded structures.This leap forward is of benefit to other industries as well, and these materials are now available to the “clean” trades, cold chain, logistics and distribution. Likewise, the cold chain benefits from our advances in heat regulation acquired on exterior doors, the food processing industry from our knowledge of aseptic techniques learnt from the pharmaceutical industry, all trades benefit from our experience in the compressibility and flexibility technologies needed to equip public access buildings with high-speed flexible doors offering maximum safety in excess of mere standards requirements.

This is one the advantages of fitting automatic doors made by a true multi-sector specialist!